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    Why Work With a Toronto Life Insurance Broker?

    A broker is licensed with all of the life insurance companies in Canada and a broker offers you the exact same prices as the companies will themselves.

    For high risk applicants who’ve had or currently have medical issues, a broker can offer information on the respective underwriting practices from company to company. They can also give you tips on what companies offer discounts if you have some health issues, or, are in a preferred health category. This could mean significant savings on your monthly premiums and can also help you to avoid a possible decline that can affect you ever qualifying for life insurance.

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    Although we both had life insurance with our employers, my husband and I always wanted to make sure we had extra life insurance especially with young children and a mortgage. Once the children grew up, graduated and got married we realized we did not need as extensive coverage. Our former Insurance Company was not able to provide us with suitable and more practical options except for raising our premiums because of our ages and never answering our telephone calls. We looked around for alternate Insurers and found Jack Bendahan . We found him to be a very personable and professional young man who met with us in our own home to discuss the various options available. It is comforting to know that our life insurance needs have been addressed based on our changing circumstances and that Jack is always readily available should we have any questions.

    Mary and Phil F.
    Toronto, Ontario

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    Buying Toronto life insurance has never been easier. These days you don’t have to sit in front of an overbearing sales person at a bank while they push the latest insurance products on you that you don’t need. Today there is an endless sea of information online, you can shop around for the cheapest Toronto life insurance rates from the comfort of your own home and quotes are fast and easy to acquire.

    By contacting Jack, you are already one of the savvier insurance shoppers in Canada. Just for coming to my site, you can download the free downloadable PDF guide The Naked Truth About Insurance or browse the rest of this site for informative articles and videos, testimonials from one of our many valued clients and get a life insurance quotes fast.